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Location: Philippines Type: Full Time Min. Experience: Manager/Supervisor

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We are hiring a Product Lead as part of our leadership team. This role work with our teams that are on-site in Cebu, Philippines, as well as our distributed team, who normally work between the +8 UTC (Cebu) to +10 UTC (Sydney) time zones.

This role is remote-first, do not need to travel frequently nor be on-site in our offices all the time. Though flexibility to be on-site for weeks at a time is expected, since most of our teams are in office, and facilitating design workshops is best done in person.

As a Product Lead, you will report to our Head of Product (who is also, our CEO), and help our software group build our telecommunications products which are being used by customers globally. We want to empower small and medium businesses to offer telecommunications products in a way that they can compete with big companies. If you are interested to work on this mission, please join us.

You will be part of our leadership team, composed of our Head of Technology, Head of Software, and the software team leaders. Most of the time, work is autonomous, however, constant online collaboration with others is expected over Slack, Zoom, and Google Hangouts.

All our products are in the telecommunications and web industry, both as a value-add service platform provider and an infrastructure developer. We provide businesses the infrastructure and tools for them to sell new telecom products and enhance the value they deliver to their customers. Thereby, giving them a chance to compete and thrive in a consolidating market with large incumbents. We expect this is an area you are excited about, and motivated to grow.

At the heart of our product is software. We custom build in-house most of our products, and whenever practical, we work with software partners who can offer a better service. We expect that you have experience being part of software development, systems integration, and also business development. This is in addition to having a deep knowledge on customers of Telecommunications products, its technology, and of the industry.

We strive to offer a high quality service, be competitive, and sustainable at a fraction of a cost, as compared to traditional offerings. We expect, you will help us find these breakthroughs in our products.

This role is not managing any roles, and is considered independent, but has influence on other people’s work.

What you will be doing?

As a Product Lead, you will have the following functions:

  • Explore and discover opportunities to help our customers be successful
  • Facilitate strategy and decision making to achieve the potential of our products
  • Develop a product overview, user experience, and quality guide for use as a reference by our product team and software team
  • Lead a product team following a product development lifecycle process
  • Lead and responsible in team learning activities
  • Provides mentorship and responsible for feedback to other team members
  • Participate in the development of the commercialization plans
  • Participate in sales development and account management with customers
  • Participate in developing new business with partners

In addition, as a product manager, will have the following functions:

  • Gather, listen, observe, interview customers, users, markets, stakeholders (sales, marketing, operations), then assimilate all and study information to arrive at informed decisions
  • Discover and develop plans to mitigate risks as part of offering our products
  • Develop and facilitate a product roadmap that is responsive to market opportunities
  • Evaluate and prioritize features based on impact to our users, team, and revenue
  • Evaluate and identify what we will not build to ensure we focus our efforts on what is valuable in upcoming releases
  • Facilitate design workshops on usability, functionality, quality, and performance
  • Create product mockups and prototypes to aid in testing concepts with customers,
  • … and to help our software teams understand how to implement features
  • Write user stories and non-functional requirements
  • Develop acceptance criteria to match expectations and quality objectives
  • Develop content for UI components in product, and copy for user manuals
  • Maintain a product overview for use as a guide by our internal staff
  • Write content and contribute to the build-up of both internal and customer-facing knowledge base
  • Inspect and provide feedback to recently implemented versions of our products
  • Participate in release planning activities with software teams
  • Participate in supporting customers and users

As part of our Distributed Team, the following are expected:

  • Establish a working space and infrastructure, to effectively participate in a distributed environment
  • Schedule work on a daily basis, with a minimum of 4 hours overlap with the rest of the team
  • Use a stable, high quality Internet access for video conferencing
  • Able to join a video conference during working hours
  • Able to travel on-site to our offices up to 2 weeks at a time

Who you are?

We are looking for someone with the following qualifications:

  • Believes in the mission to make the world a better place, and motivated to take steps to make that a reality
  • Excited and looks forward to listening and observing users perform their job
  • Motivated to work with a multidisciplinary group to understand problems and solutions
  • Motivated to dive deep on details to strive for better, without losing sight of the bigger picture
  • Able to visualize imaginary concepts and describe in detail how it will play in a dynamic system over a period of time
  • At least 2 years on a similar role and capacity in a company creating its own product
  • At least 6 years of experience in IC/technical roles (e.g. software engineer, UX designer, business analyst, QA specialist, technical support)
  • At least 3 years of experience in manager/people roles (e.g. team lead, product owner, product lead/director, agile coach, scrum coach)
  • At least 2 year of experience, participating in sales development, account management, and supporting users
  • Knowledge in telecommunications technology and standards, such as Fax, SMS, E-mail, IP, OSI model
  • Knowledge in cloud, information, and security technology and practices
  • Knowledge in telecommunications business and industry regulations
  • Knowledge in design thinking and UX methodologies
  • Knowledge in software development lifecycle and methodologies
  • Knowledge in agile principles and practices
  • Knowledge in lean principles and practices
  • Knowledge in business management
  • Student and curious on systems thinking, market dynamics, change management, human psychology, and behavioural economics
  • Empathetic to users and has high regard for a good user experience
  • Able to navigate chaotic and complex situations, and simplify these for others to understand
  • Communicate ideas and concepts both in person and in written format
  • Creative, willing to challenge assumptions, and willing to try ideas
  • Has an open, always learning, and resourceful mindset
  • Excited to work with people in creating simple solutions to complex problems

As part of a Distributed Team, the following are required:

  • Self-discipline and good work ethics
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Good time management skills and able to minimize distractions

What we offer

  • An environment of a sports team, that is there to coach each other while being performant. Work with people who want to create something, invent something, maintain it, and see it grow
  • A software engineering culture, that strives to build high quality and better software
  • An organization of self-formed, autonomous teams, exploring and trying out solutions in a safe environment
  • A place for you to learn, practice, and develop yourself. A place for you to contribute in something meaningful
  • A front-seat at a fast growing, global company, with a lot of opportunities in software and technology with exposure in telecommunications and web
  • A good array of health and well-being incentives, to keep you healthy and balanced
  • An opportunity to work with some of the best and the smartest people around

About our Software Team

We are developing our own products. Our founders, product teams, engineering teams, and customer support teams, are all part of the same company, co-located in our offices (mainly Cebu and Manila). We work closely together to develop products that delight our customers.   

Our software team is composed of cross-functional 3 to 5 members. Each team is designed to be complete, and is responsible for delivering complete features to users.

In addition, we have a leadership team that is composed of all the team leads, product leads, and engineering leads, that work together in forming the entire software group.

We use a goal-oriented product roadmap, to keep all our teams aligned, which is updated in a weekly cycle by the leadership team. Further, we maintain a corresponding release plan, based on a monthly release cycle, where we break down features into sizeable chunks that our teams can work with as little inter-team dependency as possible.

Our teams apply an agile process, of weekly planning, retrospectives, daily check-in, pair programming, and use Trello to visualize our progress. All our code is version controlled in Github, and all code changes go through a peer-review process.

We have a continuous delivery pipeline, using CircleCI and CloudFormation, and perform deployment using automated tools in our AWS production site. We built most of our automation tools, and we expect all our engineers to participate in maintaining our development tools, delivery pipeline, and production sites.

Our teams are encouraged to spend time developing their knowledge and skills, so they stay relevant on the tasks needed. We have scheduled monthly learning sessions, and provide time in their weekly sprints for their own learning activities.

We expect our engineers to not just be writing code, but to participate in the entire process from investigating problems, designing solutions, and implementing them into features our users will love.

About our Distributed Team

We have distributed teams as part of our software group, where all members are working remotely. Though it is an option for members to work in one of our offices, in either Cebu or in Manila. However, as part of the team, it is expected to effectively participate in a distributed environment.

Teams work full-time in a remote working environment, where members are not expected and required to be in the same physical space. However, there are a few scheduled in-person get-togethers, to strengthen the team’s relationship. Work schedule is flexible, with an overlap of 4 hours in a day working together. Communication and documentation are primarily done using online channels.

Our leadership team works in a distributed environment, and operate primarily using online channels. Though, a few of our feature teams are on-site in our offices, we have made adjustments so teams can work together.

Work structure is the same for both distributed and on-site teams, which follow the same principles and frameworks we defined in our engineering culture.

Every member of the team, is responsible for creating the working conditions to effectively participate in a distributed environment. Similar to how our company is obliged to create a good working condition of an office space, every member is obliged to create a similar space, wherever the member chooses to work.

The company will provide the primary equipment for working, in a similar manner if the team is working on-site in an office. Either at full-cost or subsidized in accordance to the general policy in our company.

Every member of the team, shall provide the space, the equipment, and the infrastructure for their own use, in support of achieving the ideal working conditions.

We do not offer training for anyone to be distributed qualified. We expect, members to prepare and be ready, to be part of a distributed team.

About the Company

Synacy is a global company, developing software products in the Philippines using international best practices, and exporting to the world.

We aim to help businesses be competitive by a consolidating telecommunications and technology markets and giving them access to opportunities that until now only large companies can realize.

We believe the best results for end-users and customers come from a number of various companies providing the best to service them. We want to enable them so they thrive.

We do this by providing the infrastructure and tools for them to sell new telecom products and enhance the value they deliver to their customers.

Our founders are from Australia, and together with our diverse, international leadership team, we managed the business from our offices in the Philippines, Australia, Canada, and Singapore.

Our company offers our products and operates under a few brands. At UTBox and Monopond, we offer fax and SMS messaging products, available globally, for individual and wholesale use. We founded an internet service provider to accelerate internet in the Philippines known as RISE. At RISE, we offer competitive fiber based internet access, to businesses located in major cities in the country.

It is our intent to form a globally competitive organization. We believe talented and remarkable people is found anywhere in the world. At the moment, we have most of our teams co-located in our offices in the Philippines. However, we are not limiting our reach here, we are forming a remote-first culture within our organization, so we can offer the opportunity to current and new members to work wherever they are productive.

A few of our strategies:

Software and automation is at our core. We believe in efficient, resilient, and scalable approach. Work smarter not harder, so that when you work hard you are working smart. To our customers, we want to offer a complete service, in an integrated package. We have taken the challenge of integrating with many telecommunication providers in the world, and aggregated our customer traffic, to offer a consistent quality at the best possible price.

Hiring Process

We understand, applying for a new job or even looking for new opportunities can be a tedious and stressful process. We aim to give our applicants a good experience by being timely, efficient, and direct. We’d like for you to select us, and we look forward in working together.

Even if you are not looking for work now, we encourage you to apply, since you may go through our qualification process and assess our offer, without any commitment to accept immediately. If you like what you are getting, then you can plan with us on when you will eventually join.


Synacy/RISE is committed to protecting your personal information. Your information will be collected, used and may be shared by Synacy/RISE with third party service providers to serve lawful purposes, for Synacy/RISE recruitment process, including processing of data by third party when required. Your information shall be held only as long as necessary to achieve the purpose for which it is collected. The use and transfer of your information will be strictly in accordance with the applicable data privacy law and in line with our privacy policy available at Synacy/RISE Privacy Policy. Further, by clicking Apply, you agree and acknowledge that you have read Synacy/RISE’s privacy policy and fully understand your rights to access, correct or withdraw your information anytime.

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